dave dennis connections


     >  Freedom Rider

     >  Field Secretary CORE

     >  Co-Director COFO

     >  Co-Director Freedom Summer 1964

     >  Co-Organizer, Challenges to Mississippi Democratic Party at 1964     

         National Democratic Convention and to Louisiana Democratic Party

         at 1972 National Democratic Convention

     >  Co-Organizer, Numerous sit-ins and demonstrations in New Orleans,

         Shreveport, and Baton Rouge in Louisiana and in Hattiesburg,

         Clarksdale, Canton, and Jackson in Mississippi

     >  Arrestee, 30 civil rights related arrests in Mississippi and Louisiana

     >  CEO, Executive Director, Consultant--promoting productive parent

         and community involvement in schools and supporting innovative

         education through the Algebra Project, Positive Innovations, Inc, and

         the Southern Initiative Algebra Project




MISSION STATEMENT:  The mission of Dave Dennis Connections is to share and analyze Dave Dennis’ experiences and observations in the Civil Rights Movement, community organizing, and education and to assist people and communities to improve organizing and facilitation skills.

HISTORY WITH ALGEBRA PROJECT:  After leaving the practice of law in Louisiana in 1992, Dave joined Bob Moses to further develop an education program known as the Algebra Project.  In 1991, Bob, through the Algebra Project, had received a grant from the Ford Foundation through the Southern Regional Council to develop a pilot program in the Mississippi Delta.  Dave decided to work with Bob to direct the implementation of that project.  At that time, Dave had agreed to work with Bob for three years;  Dave continues to do similar work today.

Sharing His History in the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi and Louisiana [1960-Present], Community Organizing, and Education.

DAVE DENNIS CONNECTIONS has been fifty years in the making.  As a speaker, Dave will make available to the public his experiences in the Civil Rights Movement from 1960-1965, using those experiences to frame his personal analysis of the impact of the Civil Rights Movement on present society, both positive and negative, and to share his personal experiences and observations on education that are derived from his involvement with the Algebra Project and the impact of that work on the present and future education system(s) in America.